About Lockwood Engineering

Lockwood Engineering is a 49-year old multi-disciplined firm providing Planning. Civil Engineering, and Surveying services for public and private development projects throughout the Southern California area.

A primary objective of Lockwood Engineering is to provide personalized project management for communication streamlining. This hands-on principal participation concept has proven extremely effective for Design Projects. One of our firm principals is responsible for all phases of each Project including preliminary research, engineering design, and plans processing. The firm principals have extensive experience with the Public - Agencies and will be the point personnel in contact with Agency Representatives.

Another primary objective of Lockwood Engineering is to produce accurate and reliable Construction Drawings. The principal owner and design individuals have an average of over years experience in land development engineering and surveying. Our goal is to apply that experience in furnishing thorough and buildable Construction Drawings for contractors' use and City records.

Another primary object of Lockwood Engineering is to integrate value engineering into design engineering. For almost 50 years, we have strived to include common sense into our engineering design methods. We subscribe to the opinion that while the mathematical engineering can be performed by many, the sensible engineering is performed by the experienced few. Our experience has taught us of the importance of including City Representatives into the design phases. More often than not, they have prior knowledge and insights into existing conditions that may affect the outcome.

The firm has maintained an office in Rialto since the early 1950's. The experience of the core individuals of Lockwood Engineering has been the synthesis in maintaining a team concept w ith our clients. Our philosophy is to efficiently produce the highest quality work in a congenial atmosphere of teamwork among staff members and our clients. The unequivocal dedication to client satisfaction, track record in the area, and commitment to hard work make us one of the most dynamic and competitive consulting firms in San Bernardino County.